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Training Facilities In  Whitby & Whitby, Ontario. 

Get fit on state of the art fitness equiptment in a private setting!

Private Studio

Train with commercial grade, gym quality equipment, with the special attention one-on-one training allows .



Speed, Agility and Strength Conditioning Proposal

Speed, agility and strength training is becoming a popular way to train athletes. It’s effective in promoting athletic ability and enhancing the practical field abilities in a wide range of sport. Nearly every sport requires fast movements of the arms or legs, speed, agility, quickness and core strength: training will improve precisely in these areas.


Basic Fit Test to establish a base line of strengths and areas that need improvement. Basic strength, speed-strength, agility, flexibility .
Speed Drills:Acceleration, sprints, endurance, shuttle runs

Agility Drills:Pattern runs, lateral drills, crossovers, backpedals

Balance Drills:Lunge patterns, hops

Quickness Drills: Mirror partner drills, shuttle runs

Reaction Time Drills:Command drills, mirror drills


Personal Training

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you

The key to any successful training program is to make it challenging enough for the athlete / coaches, but have it be as enjoyable as possible as well. All elite athletes have high demands placed upon them, but they are elite because of the drive and desire to excel at whatever they do. This training and conditioning program will do just that..push them to what they thought was their own personal capabilities, then a little further with each session…They will be competing with themselves but also with their teammates at times..healthy competition always promotes better training practices as well as team bonding. I have sourced out a facility that will enable me to run the training in this exact manner. It is located in Ajax and I am able to get it at a very reasonable fee. I have enclosed some pictures of the training facility:

The facility is spacious and will enable me to train many athletes at a time while being able to monitor their performance, form and capabilities. Speed sleds, Ultra glides (simulates skating, box jumps, kettle bells, slam balls, pull up bars, battling ropes).

  • Weight and strengths stations to improve power 
  • Boxing stations to improve cardiovascular endurance
  • Bosu balls for balance drills
  • Large running area for speed and agility drills

My method of training is interval training: Keeping the heart rate elevated while challenging muscle groups. It is highly effective in weight loss and or management, cardiovascular endurance and is very challenging while still being enjoyable. The key to any fitness regime is to make it less like work and more like play…this is the answer. 

Whatever the primary sport the athlete excels at, cross training and condition will benefit them. Training in the off season builds champions, prevents injures and most importantly keeps our children healthy.


As these training programs will thoroughly benefit our children and their team, parents, coaches, families and friends can also get involved in a healthy and active way by taking part in my offered bootcamps and private sessions. As we all have come to know, tournaments are expensive: these bootcamps, in tandem with other fundraising activities, could help offset fees throughout the duration of the soccer season.

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